Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

One of the most important elements of good tree care is trimming or pruning your tree branches. Keeping your tree branches pruned will improve the health and structural integrity of the tree and contribute to its natural beauty. However, tree trimming and pruning is not as simple as it seems and is usually best if performed by a professional arborist. Charlie’s Tree Services provides professional tree trimming and pruning to help your trees grow to their full potential.

Tree Trimming

Trees are rather large plants and their branches sometimes grow to interfere with surrounding structures such as power lines, homes, and buildings. When tree branches become entangled with power lines or encroach too closely on a building, the branches are trimmed to free the space and prevent them from becoming entangled.

Another reason to have your tree branches trimmed is to thin the tree. Thinning is the practice of removing live outer branches to reduce the tree’s density. This will greatly improve the air circulation through the canopy of the tree and cut down on wind resistance which will result in less subsequent storm damage.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes mature trees may have branches that die or contract diseases or live branches that compromise the structural integrity of the tree. Pruning is the practice of removing tree branches that could threaten the health of the tree or the safety of those around it. Removing dead or diseased branches will help prevent any disease from establishing itself in the tree and pruning branches that threaten the safety of the tree or surrounding structures will keep your home and your tree protected.

The professionals of Charlie’s Tree Service will evaluate the condition of your trees and determine what type of pruning or trimming is required to improve the health or structural integrity of the tree.

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