Mulching & Mulch Delivery

When we remove tree branches, stumps, or entire trees, we recycle these parts by making them into double ground mulch. This gives us an efficient way to make use of the discarded tree branches and stumps and allows us to offer fresh double ground mulch to our customers. Putting a layer of mulch between 2-4 inches thick around your trees, gardens, and planting beds has several advantages and it can also improve the overall look of your landscape.


Charlie’s Tree Service offers a top-notch mulching service that can help transform your yard into a thriving, healthy outdoor oasis. Our mulching service is perfect for customers who want to enhance the appearance of their landscapes while also providing numerous benefits for their plants

Benefits of Mulching Include:

  • Retaining moisture by reducing evaporation
  • Interrupts the germination of weeds
  • Reduces soil temperature in the summer and retains heat in the soil in the winter
  • Improves the aeration, structure, and drainage of the soil
  • Provides extra nutrients
  • Prevents plant disease by forming a barrier around the plant
  • Protects trees from damage caused by weed whackers or lawnmowers
  • Minimizes the competition between plants for nutrients and water

Here are some tips to keep in mind while laying the mulch to maximize its potential benefits:

  • Remove weeds from the area and water it thoroughly before laying the mulch
  • Fresh composted, organic wood chips make the best mulch
  • Do not lay mulch within several inches of the base of the trees or shrubs to keep the root crown exposed
  • Areas with fine mulch should be about 2 inches deep while areas with coarse mulch can be about 4 inches deep

Mulch Delivery

For the convenience of our customers, Charlie’s Tree Service offers mulch delivery for large amounts of mulch. We only deliver bulk amounts of mulch for orders that include at least 80 yards worth. Contact us if you need a large amount of mulch and you are interested in our mulch delivery services.

Mulching is a great way to make use of removed tree branches and stumps and it also has many benefits for your gardens, shrubs, and trees. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing mulch for your landscape or if you would like to learn more about the benefits of mulching.

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Contact Charlie’s Tree Service if you are in need of our tree or mulching services and be sure to contact us immediately for emergency services.  Our company is big enough to handle the largest of trees yet small enough to handle lesser concerns such as stump grinding.

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