Tree Removal

Complete tree removal is necessary in cases where the tree is dead or dying, has become hazardous to the surrounding area, or needs to be removed to make space for new construction. Trees may also be removed to allow more space and light for other plants to develop. Regardless of the reason, tree removal is a hazardous task that requires thorough training and experience and must be done by a professional arborist.

Most trees, especially in the suburbs, tower over homes and other structures which make them rather dangerous to remove. Our staff undergoes daily safety and training exercises and is highly qualified to safely remove entire trees, even in confined, sensitive areas near homes and power lines. This process involves a careful dismantling of the tree branches using the proper equipment and a takedown of the main trunk. The branches are then chipped into mulch.

Tree Removal Alternatives

Complete removal of a leaning tree may not be necessary; sometimes the structure of trees can be improved with cabling and bracing. Cabling and bracing provides support for trees that have weak structures or have sustained damage. If it is done correctly, it can help improve the condition of the tree.

If you think one of your trees needs to be removed, contact Charlie’s Tree Service to have a professional arborist inspect your tree to determine if tree removal is the best option.

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