Our Services

Expert tree care services by Charlie’s Tree Service ensure healthy, vibrant landscapes. With a skilled team dedicated to safety and excellence, we offer tailored solutions. Trusted for our reliability and commitment to community, we enhance outdoor spaces while supporting local environmental initiatives.

Emergency Tree Removal

Charlie’s Tree Service quickly removes fallen or dangerous trees to keep your property safe. We’re here when you need us most.

Tree Removal

Charlie’s Tree Service removes hazardous trees, supports weak ones, and offers expert advice for reliable, professional tree care.

Stump Grinding

Charlie’s Tree Service removes tree stumps, enhancing yard aesthetics, safety, and value with professional grinding and root system removal.

Tree Trimming

Expert tree trimming and pruning enhance tree health, safety, and appearance, preventing hazards and promoting robust growth for a beautiful landscape.

Mulch Delivery

Recycle tree waste into nutrient-rich mulch for healthier plants, improved soil, weed control, and enhanced landscape beauty.

Lot Clearing

Efficient and eco-friendly lot clearing prepares your land for construction or landscaping, ensuring compliance and environmental care.