Commercial & Residential Tree Maintenance

Trimming & Pruning

One of the most important elements of good tree care is trimming or pruning your tree branches. Keeping your tree branches pruned will improve the health and structural integrity of the tree and contribute to its natural beauty.

Tree Removal

Complete tree removal is necessary in cases where the tree is dead or dying, has become hazardous to the surrounding area, or needs to be removed to make space for new construction. Trees may also be removed to allow more space and light for other plants to develop.


When we remove tree branches, stumps, or entire trees, we recycle these parts by making them into double ground mulch. This gives us an efficient way to make use of the discarded tree branches and stumps and allows us to offer fresh double ground mulch to our customers.

About Charlie’s Tree Service

The trees that are on a property or included as part of a landscape are generally the dominate feature and an overgrown tree can not only look bad, but also cause problems with power lines or by encroaching on a home or building.  Charlie’s Tree Service provides a range of residential and commercial tree care services to help keep them well trimmed and maintained or to remove them completely if they pose a problem. Learn More About Us

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