Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

Sometimes it might be necessary to remove an entire tree from your lawn or landscape and the stump that is left behind is removed separately with a different grinding process. Removing the tree stump is important if homeowners want to resod or replant the area for new growth instead of leaving an unsightly stump in their yard which could eventually attract pests and nuisance wildlife.

Charlie’s Tree Service has the proper training and equipment to grind stumps down and completely remove them from your yard. Our stump grinder will grind up the stump above and below the surface of the ground as well as the roots of the tree into wood chips. The wood chips that are left behind from the stump grinding can be used as mulch for you to spread around your yard and planting beds.

Leftover tree stumps are unsightly and they can also be a haven for pests and nuisance wildlife once they dry out. Removing them and the tree roots from the yard will help improve the look and life of your lawn and provide you with free mulch to spread in your planting beds. Stump grinding is a risky job for those without the proper equipment and training and it should be handled by a professional arborist. Charlie’s Tree Service provides stump grinding and removal services to the western Chicago suburbs. Contact us to learn more about our tree services.

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Contact Charlie’s Tree Service if you are in need of our tree or mulching services and be sure to contact us immediately for emergency services.  Our company is big enough to handle the largest of trees yet small enough to handle lesser concerns such as stump grinding.

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