Lot Clearing West Chicago, IL

When plots of land are purchased for a home or business to be built, the land must be cleared of trees and brush before it can be developed. Charlie’s Tree Service offers lot clearing services for commercial and residential developments in which we will remove unwanted trees and brush to make way for new construction. Our staff works with homeowners, developers, and builders to make sure the lot is cleared properly for new homes or storefronts.

It is necessary to clear lots of unwanted trees and shrubs before any development can take place and our staff has the experience and proper equipment to effectively clear lots. We will work to minimize the negative ecological effects that can be caused by lot clearing while also saving any desired trees on the lot. Before doing any clearing work, we create a plan to achieve the desired result so that use of the lot can be maximized for its intended purpose. All debris that is removed is hauled off to be recycled into mulch.

If you need a lot cleared for commercial development, new homes, roads, or recreational areas, contact Charlie’s Tree Service for our lot clearing services. Our professionals can properly plan and implement an effective lot clearing strategy to prepare the area for any kind of development.

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Contact Charlie’s Tree Service if you are in need of our tree or mulching services and be sure to contact us immediately for emergency services.  Our company is big enough to handle the largest of trees yet small enough to handle lesser concerns such as stump grinding.

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